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Your home is more than the sum of its features. Its value comes from recent improvements you've made, what additional features your home offers, and the demand for homes in your neighborhood. Ultimately, your home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. So when you want to learn the price of your home, trust the experts who know the Triangle real estate market.

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Have you made recent home improvements or additions to your home? Get accurate results quicker by filling out our full market analysis at the bottom of this page.

Avoid the #1 Mistake When Selling Your Home

It's easy to forget that your home is an investment. But you've spend thousands of dollars in mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, routine maintenance, and a down payment for your home. Don't you want to earn the highest price possible for your home?

The biggest mistake homeowners in the Triangle make is relying on the wrong tools to price their home. Home value estimators aren't reliable. According to the LA Times, Zillow's estimator has an 8% median error rate; if you were to rely on Zillow's estimate when selling your home, you could potentially miss out on thousands of dollars!

Why Ask an Agent for a Home Evaluation?

Real estate agents like us have years of experience watching trends in the market. We can tell you which neighborhoods and Triangle towns are popular and what features buyers are looking for. We use our real estate expertise, consider recent home sales, and factor in your home's recent improvements using a comparative market analysis (CMA). This type of home evaluation is the most accurate resource available.

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Don't settle for estimates of your home's worth. We'll help you learn what your home is actually worth in today's market. If you want the most accurate results, fill out our full comparative market analysis below with as many details as you can. As soon as we determine your home's value, we'll contact you.

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